H19-S New Polyurethane & Polyurea Spray Foam Machine

Warranty 2 year warranty, 10 years of spare part possession
Economic For the ones who is searching a solid, economic solution
Easy Maintenance Service maintenance is easy

We are manufactering best quality proportioners for more than a decade. ATG has several distributors around the world for spray polyurethane foam machines, spray polyurea machines and injection machines. Contact us to learn if you have a nearby distributor or to be a distributor for your region.

The 5th Generation H19-S

H19-S New Spray foam insulation machine

The 5th generation H-19 s is equipped with electronical and mechanical error warning systems and doesnt allow you to make product of poor quality.

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H19-S New Technical Information.

Europe-Asia-Africa-Australia America
Volt 350-415 220-240
Max(KW) 27 (27.000 W) (27 kwa) 27 (27.000 W) (27 kwa)
Ampere 45 54
Phase 3 Ø Y 3 Ø Δ
HZ 50 60
Generator(KW) 33 33
Maximum Fluid Output (at 25°C ambient temperature) 19 kg/dk 19 kg/dk
Maximum Fluid Pressure (at 25°C ambient temperature) 1,5 MPa, 150 bar, 2175 Psi 1,5 MPa, 150 bar, 2175 Psi
Adjustable Fluid Pressure 30 bar - 150 bar 30 bar - 150 bar
Oil Pressure 72 bar 72 bar
Preheater(KW) 7,5 7,5
Hose Heating(KW) 4 4
Fluid Outlet Nipple (ISO) 16-1.5 metric 1/2 Unf
Fluid Outlet Nipple (POLY) 18-1.5 metric 9/16 Unf
Fluid Input Nipple (ISO) (G) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max. (Npt) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max.
Fluid Input Nipple (POLY) (G) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max. (Npt) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max.
Max. Fluid Temperature 55°C / 131°F 55°C / 131°F
Max. Hose Length (Mt.) 120 120
Hydraulic Oil Capacity (Lt.) 34 34
Net weight 270 kg (270.000 gr.) 270 kg (270.000 gr.)
Voltage Codes
(*) All measurements has been made while equipments work at full power

Machine technical specifications

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